Hurn House progress

Hurn House progress

Currently working on site are the following contractors and we have 15 full-time labour and management staff under Wilson and Sharp.

Meridian Lifts

Jade Aden Steel fabricators

MR Carpentry

MJG Plumbing and heating suppliers

B&R Electrical contractors

Scott Carty Decorators

Marco Glazing

Domestic Sprinklers

The team have been working extremely hard on floors 10/11 and are now almost complete and ready for painting and soft furnishings. The boarding/carpentry team will now be ready to drop down to floor one to commence works along side the M and E contractors, we have completed the following areas in Hurn house over the past 3 weeks:

  • Painting and decoration of all plasterboard walls and woodwork to floors 6/7/8/9 and initial base coat onto floor 10.
  • Tested and installed all electrical works to fuse boards / rooms and communal areas to floors 7/8/9
  • Completed 100% of first fix electrical works to floor 10 and 90% to floor 11
  • Completed 100% of plumbing and ventilation works to floor 10 and 70% to floor 11
  • Flooring on 9/10/11 will be plyed and ready for vinyl coverings from next week
  • New aluminium doors have now been designed and ordered of front entrances.
  • Lift has commenced refurbishment and new lift parts have now been ordered.
  • Steel staircase for floors 10 and 11 is now complete and ready to be delivered to site.
  • Steel staircase for the fire escape will be delivered from Tuesday the 28th and the first 3 floors will be erected by spider crane.
  • Additional furniture for floors 1/10/11 have been designed and ordered, the furniture is planned in for delivery in 3 weeks
  • Concrete cutting of floor slab has commenced in floor 10, and steel will be installed next week to form staircase between 10/11
  • LABC warranty providers have been on site to review progress and confirm specification.
  • Building control have visited site to ensure we are conforming to current regulations.
PGP and WT Partnership are constantly onsite monitoring progress and verifying works payments to ensure we are all in accordance with contracts, they are both extremely satisfied with works and confirm we are on progress for completion. We look forward to providing further updates in two weeks and hope you are all pleased with progress onsite.