Hurn House Construction Update

Hurn House Construction Update

Since our last update we have increased the work force on site, we are now employing over 50 contract workers in order to maintain construction deadlines and hit the completion date for May 31st. The list of contractors we have working on site are as follows:

Meridian Lifts

Jade Aden Steel fabricators

MR Carpentry

MJG Plumbing and heating suppliers

B&R Electrical contractors

Scott Carty Decorators

Marco Glazing

In addition to the above WS labour force and professional team are onsite daily, monitoring progress and setting targets to ensure deadlines are met. We have a professional report being issued by PGP which is due to be sent out w/c 9/2, and will be forwarded to all investors.

Since our last construction update we have progressed forward on the following areas of Hurn House:

  • Painting and decoration of all plasterboard walls and woodwork to floors 3/4/5
  • Installed kitchens in studios and communal lounges to floors 3/4/5/6/7/8
  • Tested and installed all electrical works to fuse boards / rooms and communal areas to floors 3/4/5/6
  • Installed all windows and exterior doors to 1st floor studio apartments.
  • Completed 95% of first fix electrical works to floor 10.
  • Completed 65% of plumbing and ventilation works to floor 10.
  • Lift has commenced refurbishment and new lift parts have now been ordered.
  • Steel staircase for floors 10 and 11 is now complete and ready to be delivered to site.
  • Steel staircase for the fire escape has now been ordered and is in production, lead time is currently 8 weeks.
  • Additional furniture for floors 1/10/11 have been designed and order will be confirmed next week so units can be put into production.
  • Concrete cutting of section between 10/11 will start next week so we can fit the internal steel staircase.
  • LABC warranty providers have been on site to review progress and confirm specification.
  • Building control have visited site to ensure we are conforming to current regulations.
  • Hurn Roof has now passed all testing requirements and we have been issued the sign off certificate.

We appreciate all investors support and we will be looking forward to reporting on construction progress in two weeks’ time. Please contact Wilson and Sharp Investments if you have any further questions.

WS Team